Charter tours

We take you wherever you want to go in one of our charter boats. 

We operate in the whole region of Møre and Romsdal and offer shuttle service as well as guided tours to destinations like Hjørundfjord, Geiranger, Runde and more.


Ålesund-Hjørundfjorden-Ålesund : 2-4 hours

Ålesund-Geiranger-Ålesund : 3-6 hours

Ålesund-Runde-Ålesund : 2-3 hours

Our boats


  • Type: Brødrene Aa
  • Length: 16 metres
  • 45 passengers
  • 22 knots cruising speed
  • 30 knots max speed
  • Toilet

The boat is spacious both inside and outside, so it’s easy to move around during the trip

It has 30 seats in the salon ahead  and 15 seats in the salon aft.

Outside there are 15 seats ahead and 6-10 seats aft.

Nordic Lady

  • Type: Scirocco 50
  • Length: 15 metres
  • 44 passengers
  • 35-37 passengers is recommended on longer trips
  • 30 knots cruising speed
  • 38 knots max speed
  • Toilet
  • License to serve alcoholic drinks

This is our fastest boat and is therefore very suited for longer trips. It is however not as spacious as Sylvkallen, so we recommend to limit the number of passengers to 35-37 if the trip is many hours long.

It’s possible to use the flybridge and the deck aft to enjoy the view from outside.


  • Type: Viking
  • Length:  8 metres
  • 12 passengers
  • 26 knots cruising speed
  • 30 knots max speed
  • Toilet

This is our smallest boat and is excellent for smaller groups that want to get quickly from A to B.

The boat has 7-9 seats in the upper/aft salon and 4 seats in  the lower/ahead salon.